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State Requirements:

To become a new notary or renew your commission you must attend a 6 hour class, ( you may attend a 3-hour class if you are renewing), acquire a $15,000 notary bond for four years, complete a background check via live-scan, maintain a notary seal and notary journal.

Our classes include the $15,000 notary bond in the basic plus and complete notary packages to complete the state requirements for new and renewing notaries in the state of California.


Choose from four easy packages:

Notary Class/Certificate of Completion: $50.00

With this package, you will take our 6-hour notary class online at your leisure and receive your proof of completion for the Secretary of State via email!

Notary class/Notary Public Exam: $85.00

This basic notary package includes your class and seat for the same day notary exam. With this Notary Public Class/Exam package you will receive pre-class study materials today as soon as you sign up as well as the Secretary of State handbook, practice exam, class workbook and applications.

Notary Class/Exam, all state requirements and notary supplies: $295.00

This basic plus notary package includes your notary class and seat for the same day notary public exam, study materials today as soon as you sign up, state handbook, practice exam, class workbook, applications, and notarial certificates to use practice. Also included: All of the necessary requirements from the Secretary of State including your notary stamp, notary journal, 4-year $15,000 bond, 2x2 application photo, and live scan background check.

Notary public class/Exam, state requirements AND E&O Insurance: $325.00

This complete notary package is the same as the Basic Plus Notary package except it also includes a 4-year $15,000 Error and Omissions insurance policy. This is the best security and protection for YOU the notary public from possible civil liability.

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