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At Develop Point Education, we believe your notary education should not simply not be simply an online or live course to satisfy the Secretary of State requirements for your qualifications to become a notary public or to renew your notary public commission. 

Your California notary public commission means responsibility, integrity, and competence in understanding notary law, not just getting by. As a California notary public, you take on certain liability which is why the California Secretary of State requires you to carry a $15,000 notary bond to protect the public and take a state proctored notary public exam.

We take your education seriously we only offer the best quality education, partners, vendors and service providers because your money and your time are very important. We do not simply want to cater to your need for cost-effective notary classes and a California notary exam afterward, but we want you to feel good about your choice in notary education, products, services and the people we do business with to bring you the finest quality notary classes, notary exam, notary support available today. 

Take our notary public state style notary public quiz and practice for your California notary exam! If you are new notary public, look over the materials you received the same day you sing up for one of our notary public classes and take the notary public quiz before you come to notary training for extra assurance.

Be better prepared for the California Notary public exam. The notary public exam is a timed 50 minute exam consisting of 30 multiple choice questions. The California notary public exam is proctored by CPS, (www.cpshr.us) through the Secretary of State. After all of our notary public classes we arrange for these proctors to arrive and administer the notary public exam.

Our passing rates are 96% and higher because we make sure our notaries have everything they need to be successful in our notary public classes and as a notary public serving California.

View is here or feel free to save it to your desktop and print it. The answers are at the end..but no "cheating"!


A requirement to become a notary public or renewing your notary public or renewing your notary public commission is to take the notary public exam and pass it with a 70% or higher. Here at Develop Point Education we experience a 96% passing rate of our students that take our notary public class. We take great care and pride in our students and strive to give them the best opportunity to understand notary law and perform their duties with confidence so that they may truly understand their duties as a notary public.

I an effort to continue our support to any and all notaries, please feel free to take the following complimentary notary practice exam.

Practice Notary Public Exam