In any client-facing role, you may encounter frustrations. The best way to avoid becoming frustrated as an insurance agent is to remember:

  • Your company’s goal is to keep individuals and families protected.
  • You help your clients when they need it most.

By remembering these key things about your role as an insurance agent, you will have a more positive outlook. It will also be easier to truly care about your job and your customers. When you choose to care, not only will you love your job more and notice the positive impact it has, but you will also become more successful.

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Whether you’ve just started a new job as an insurance agent or you’re considering a career change, you want to ensure you’ll be the best at what you do. Learn a few tips below that can help you to be successful in your new role.

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Many insurance companies don’t require their agents to have much experience. As long as you can pass the state’s licensing exam, you’re an ideal candidate. However, having any of the following can give you an advantage, or help you to have a higher starting wage:

  • A college degree
  • Any sales or customer service experience
  • Certifications

Even if you don’t have the above, working towards a degree or getting certified after starting your job can help you get a pay raise.

3 Ways to Be a Successful Insurance Agent

Learn as Much as You Can

You can ensure success by taking any opportunity you can to receive training. You can:

  • Take classes
  • Find training through an insurance association
  • Attend trainings at work

By receiving in extra training, you can more easily achieve a higher success rate. Being open to advice from your coworkers can also be helpful.

Don’t Give Into Your Frustrations

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